May 27, 2009

We're baaccckkkkk

Lo-Fidelity is back on the market! Earlier today, Sam took the reins and grabbed the bull by the horns. He is finally sending out the 3rd issue to most of those who requested it today. We also started sorting through the many, many submissions we received throughout our break. So continue sending them in. Also, if you still want a copy and some stickers contact one of us at let us know!!!

PS, we are looking for more artwork all you artists out there.

I wish I had a computer so I could resume 50-to-1. It really makes me sad. I miss it. All I can do is check the email whenever I get a short period to use the Internet.

Remember to check back at The Broad Set, too. There is a new review of Jonathan Baumbach’s new book, YOU or the Invention of Memory. We have been trying to work with Lauren Cerand some more. Hopefully, you'll be pleased.

This is the cool idea that I mentioned before. We will be discussing it at TBSWC soon.

I haven't looked at The Definition in weeks. But I think that its a good thing. Now I can go back and work on it some more. I've been researching some places to send the manuscript after I finish it. That's about it.

Anyone out there want to publish an unknown, unheard-of author who's barely 22 and fresh out of college? haha It'll be fun, I promise.