September 16, 2021

Collaboration & Creativity: How to Find Your Door

These last few years have been a roller coaster, to say the least. 

But that doesn't mean they were a waste. Personally, I met some really amazing and talented people. In particular, I became friends with the founding editors of Loud Coffee Press

Long before they accepted my manuscript for Welcome To Plexus, we had linked up to collaborate and pick each other's brains on everything from writing to launching a small press art shop to operating with a DIY business model. I have learned very much from them over these past few years.

To my surprise, they recently dropped a humbling article about how our connection fueled their creativity. ("Finding Your Doors: Collaboration and Creativity") I must admit, when I saw my own name mentioned in their newsletter, I teared up. I am so grateful to have met and made friends with Annie and Fred. They are incredible people.

Do yourself a favor and go check them out. Their work is not only inspiring, but it's incredibly helpful for anyone considering themselves a creative. And, if you're feeling a little cyberpunk-vaporwave-thriller, check out my chapbook Welcome To Plexus. It links up and connects to the novel I just dropped: Head Games.

All in all, much love and stay learning. <3