January 13, 2018

Think Big

January 7, 2018

$trange Creature$

Humans are strange creatures indeed. We spawn into a world; then we’re given a name, a nationality, a creed - none of which we’re actually able (or capable of) choosing. And by the time we can consciously make those choices, we’re so brainwashed that we end up falling into self-deprecating patterns and become delirious drones. Some of us are able to break free of this box and accomplish great, free-thinking things. But others are so ignorantly oblivious to the fact that they’re even conscious, spiritual beings in the first place. It’s such a strange notion. Yet we’re still considered “awake.” We have a third eye yet we’re still perceived as animals, unable to be one with ourselves. We consume plants and proteins like it’s our job AND we barely think twice about where it comes from. Our current society programs us NOT to think, rather to obey. This is a problem because it is halting the evolutionary potential we have as a species. The greed for power and money overwhelms us - even if we choose NOT to participate. We need to stop and reflect and actually THINK about our presence in this reality. Think about what we’re doing to ourselves and our planet. We need to put a plan into action to change the powers that be, to HELP those opposing this belief. This truth. We need more people to stand up. Because it is destroying us. It is projecting us towards extinction and execution. Our belief systems have the ability to change based on truth, so long as we keep our minds open to new experiences. It will be scary at first. It will cause us survivable pain. But it is attainable. Remember to think critically and find credible evidence. You will be ok. The world of information is in your pocket. Do some research and learn to unlearn before it's too late. Set new goals. Look for the obstacles. It’s the only way we can get out of this rut. 


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