December 7, 2008

The Big Project

So I hope you are all ready for this announcement...

Next semester, it is finalized that I will be writing a novella for course credit under the supervision of Mickey Hess.

Did I disappoint you? I hope not. I will be sad if I did. But hopefully this will gain some attention and widen my fan base. If I have one at all.

My plans are as follows:

- to write a 60-75 page novella
- finish it by May 2009
- get an A on the project
- send it out to publishers in hopes of their pleasure after reading so they will want to print it
- get you to read it and love it
- maybe talk about what its about in the future

As of right now I can't discuss what it will be about. But I'm sure I'll end up telling you. I hope you will all want to read it when it is done. And then I hope after you read it you'll say to yourself, "Hey this wasn't half bad... I think I'll pass it on to my friends in hopes that they will enjoy it."

What do you think? Send any feedback my way.