April 9, 2009

Tiger Style

I was accepted into the Fall 09 issue of Venture. Look for my story, "Road Trip." I'll post a link when available. I'll also explain it more so when its ready.

Today I was in my friend, Niko's, film that he is making for his film class. If he posts it on Youtube in the future, I'll link you.

I started listening to Citizen Cope and Shwayze more while writing The Definition. I wonder if it'll show.

Pangur Ban Party
has a new short fiction series up. Go check out Chris East's All In Together Now. Wu Tang, Wu Tang. Tiger Style. Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck wit. Submit to PBP - print issue is in the works.


  1. Thanks for the linkage.

    Congrats on Venture!

  2. they said the right things and i'm thankful i wasn't first in line. i like your last name.

  3. They did? Thank you P. Ritt.

  4. congrats on venture, we should throw a party to celebrate for people that we are friends with that got into venture.

  5. Thanks, Sam. We should. Venture Bros.

    I hope that isn't copyrighted.