May 21, 2009

A Quickie at Brickbat

Last night I was in Philly to see Mickey Hess and Ben Greenman read at Brickbat Books. Also met up with some old friends. Lauren Cerand was also there. She gave us some books to review for The Broad Set. It was pretty cool to talk to her again.

Me, Pete and Kiley ventured out for the event at 7. Afterwords, we met several interesting characters, along with Hess. We will talk about them and review some of their work over at The Broad Set. Keep checking back there for their reviews and new work.

Networking is awesome. I'll talk more of it later. Time to go to work to make real money. Also, read this. Spiders are fun.


  1. thank you for saying that

    i can't do math

  2. It's okay, Jillian. Me either.