June 12, 2009

Get Money

I've been nothing but a waste of oxygen lately. I like to pretend I'm doing things and keeping busy, but really I haven't done anything of much importance. I've been exercising more, reading for a book review I need to do for The Broad Set, and just... existing. My life? It needs more excitement. Speaking of The Broad Set, Pete posted a new review. Check it out.

I've been listening to a lot of hip hop lately. Good idea? Or excellent idea?!

...I'm so alone.

I've started majorly editing my novella. Need to send the manuscript out to presses soon. Any ideas on where to send it? I'm looking for a press that likes to read realistic fiction? Or as the novella has been genre-dubbed, K-mart realism. If you have any ideas, seriously, leave a comment. I'll love you and send you a copy of it.

O also, I found some extra old copies of my self-published chapbook, drive. If anyone wants a copy, the first 4 people to ask for it get one (because I only found 4).


Currently listening to: Viktor Vaughn
Song: Doper Skiller (ft. Kool Keith)
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