April 14, 2009

Like a boss

Remember how I said I was in a short film my buddy was doing? Well he posted it on YouTube.

Check it out.

I'm the boss in blue. But remember, in reality I'm not an asshole. I swear. Leave some kind words, too because I'm sure my buddy, Niko, would appreciate it.

Nothing too new in my writing. Very busy. Novella deadline is coming up. That's about it.


  1. binger! i miss your blogging. hope all is well :) entertaining video..!

  2. Haha. Nice job. An Oscar-worthy performance, for sure, and the Office Space reference seals the deal.

  3. Emily - I've missed your comments! And your blogging. haha Thanks

    Jason - I always knew I was a natural. I guess I'm in the wrong professional direction. haha I'm glad you caught that. Not many people did. haha

  4. You always could act like a douchebag....

  5. Sam - I know. I'm a good actor, right? Maybe I should change majors. Do you think its too late?