April 20, 2009

Not Having A Computer Sucks

So I wrote a lil' sumtin sumtin for one of my last Writer's Block meetings last Thursday. It goes like this:


Barefoot in a patch of naked grass, I could feel the worms burrowing into my skin. They were timid worms, worms like the kind you see dried up on the sidewalk the day after a long rain. I thought to myself about squishing them between my toes, but I didn’t. I let them dig. Once they were consumed by my callused bald feet they swam. And they swam through my bloodstream until reaching my brain, tickling my senses, causing me to sneeze.


I might fool around with it some more and make it a story or something. The exercise was "just write six sentences about anything." So I just started writing whatever popped into my head. I thought it was pretty neat.

Anyway, check out PangurBanParty's new release "Go Ninja Go Ninja Go" - Crispin Best. It has all of your favorite TMNT characters in REAL LIFE situations. You're bound to think about how most of your life is made up of uneventful things. It's delightful.

Also - email me if you'd like to read a 3/4 finished edition of The Definition. I need some feedback.

And I almost forgot - DJ has recent poetry published. Check it out over at Read Some Words.


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm excited to read more of your novella.

  2. i liked the worm thing because when it used to rain and i was younger i used to chop worms up with a big heavy shovel on my driveway. i was an asshole as a kid. luckily i'm not an asshole anymore, i just kill grandparents with shovels.

  3. Why thank you, DJ.

    Ritt - at least you're using a regular shovel now instead of a big heavy one.