April 24, 2009

Print up those blogs

So I googled my name and found this. It's a blog entry by someone I don't know talking about The Printed Blog. TPB is a relatively new printed newspaper that simply takes interesting things, or 'articles' as the random blogger calls them, from blogs across the nation. It is a neat concept but the random blogger has a point - who is going to pay for a compliation of things you can find on the internet for free.

I can't tell but I think he/she is talking shit about The Printed Blog. I mean, as I said, he/she has some valid points. But that doesn't mean it isn't a cool idea. I think I would pay for an issue or two. In my head, at least, its like a mixtape. Kind of like the NOW series.

But that isn't really what got me all BLAH. Like I said, I googled my name and this entry came up. The last paragraph of the entry has my story from 72words (which TPB somehow managaed to obtain without my knowledge - not that it matters, I like having more readers, I just wish I knew people in Chicago were possibly paying for the 2nd issue of TPB and reading my story) and I think he/she is insulting it? I could be wrong but I sense a hint of sarcasm in his/her statement; "Hey, hats off to The Printed Blog, this is the stuff Pulitzers are made of."

Obviously, I'm submitting to an online publication. I don't expect to be the next Pulitzer. Its not my fault you interpreted the concept of TPB wrong. But thanks for reading my flash fiction and thinking of it as an 'article' because that makes sense. Good work.

To oppose this random blogger, I will tip my hat to The Printed Blog. I think it's a cool idea and I hope its successful. (Next time you take my work though, please tell me so I can get excited. haha)

I suggest you check out The Printed Blog. They do have PDFs on their site you can read for free.


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