August 25, 2009

Dessert (A Recipe)


It’s like opening a box of chocolate
But instead of chocolate
You find little tiny balls of depression
Wrapped in plastic
So it lasts longer.
Just in case you wanted
To save the depression for later;
An after-dinner treat.
The kind that sticks in your teeth
Until you go to bed
Picking at it with your tongue
Falling asleep
Becoming more depressed.
Then you wake up with a
Depression hangover.
You still feel shitty
And you still want to punch walls
But you’re able to function
And you walk around like a drone
Nodding your head
Either up and down or side to side.
Then you get some coffee
And you look at it
Still depressed, wishing it had poison in it,
But drink it quietly and keeping your secret.
Because that was the worst dessert ever.


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