August 29, 2009

Get Ready You Crazy Fool

Here is a excerpt from The Definition:


I pushed softly off of Chelsea and pulled her to the sidewalk. The car drove by as its operator smiled at us. Once it passed, I grabbed her hand and started walking back to my house, trying to avoid conversation. But before we even made it around the corner she stopped walking and dragged me to a stop.


I knew what was coming. “Yeah?”

“I think I love you,” she spoke into my eyes, waiting for a response.

I stood still, staring at her, and spat out the only thing I could quickly think of.

“What ever happened to Brian?”


Ready for another Broad Set Writing Collective reading? You're in luck! September 18th, 7pm @ BrickBat Books in Philadelphia, PA. 709 South Fourth Street. Come by, listen to written words read aloud. We are going to have free beer, a fresh magazine and probably go out to drink afterwords.

I made a mixtape a few minutes ago. If I could figure out how to put it online, I would share. Making mixtapes is a talent of mine. I'm proud of it. Haha

I recorded a jam session with my friend. It's bad. Listen to our whacky antics.

But I also started a serious audio project. So we'll see where that takes me.

Tropical Storm Danny is currently covering the entire state of New Jersey. Good writing weather.

And lastly, check out PANK magazine's new issue. It's a doosie. Don't forget to check out the SKIVE issue too, our friend Pete is in it.

O I ALMOST FORGOT -- CHECK OUT 50 to 1. [Finally] An update featuring work by Valerie O’Shea, Donora Hilliard, Alexander B. Joy, Adam Callaway, Trent Walters, Louise Norlie, and Clive Martyn.


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