June 24, 2009

Transformers. Dreaming of Megan Fox.

Back from my mini-vacation. It was cool. I got to shoot guns. Like rifles, handguns, etc. If I was a gun expert, I would tell you the names of all the ones I shot. But I am not a gun expert. My apologies. I did other stuff, too. Like visit the Mall of America.

Transformers 2 came out last night at midnight. I think I'll go see that this weekend. Maybe.

Facebook keeps bugging me to change my URL username. But I think I'm going to ignore that, because its annoying.

New Pangur Ban Party release - I Am Rainbow by Michael Hessel-Mial. Read it now.

Two things I have to do right now:
  1. Write for the first time in days.
  2. Update 50 to 1.

But to be honest I'll probably only do the first one. My bad.


Currently listening to: Wilco
Song: Heavy Metal Drummer
Album: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot