July 11, 2009

Productivity at its best

Today was somewhat productive in my writing sense.

I wrote a short piece of prose and posted it on The Broad Set. Read it here and leave some feedback. Cool.

I also updated 50 to 1. Check out the latest issue.

I also started writing a script. Still somewhat new for me, but it's coming along I suppose.

GOOD NEWS... Pangur Ban Party print edition 1 is AVAILABLE NOW. It's called Doubts I Love. Contributors include: Jillian Clark, Crispin Best, Chris East, Ryan Manning, David Fishkind, Kristen Shaw, Adam Showalter, Glen Binger, Adam Coates, and DJ Berndt. If you email DJ Berndt with your address he will send you a free copy.

Thank is all for now, thank you.


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