January 20, 2009

Today We Are All a Part of History.

Today Obama was inaugurated. I wish could have been there. That would have been cool.

I think it's funny how MTV thinks they can cover political events like this. Are they trying to make it cool so teenagers will want to vote or something? I guess.

Did you know he is a lefty? Obama, I mean. I just watched him sign some documents. He's lefty. Maybe that's a good thing. Bill Clinton was the last lefty president. I don't know much about Clinton's administration. I was like ten when he was president.

Now I'm watching the news anchors interview random people on the street. And a lot of them have no idea why they like Obama so much. Much of them said they liked the inauguration because they were all a part of history. Then the anchor was like, "What made this so special for you?" and they were like, "I'm just happy that a black african american can be president." Then he was like "What parts of his speech moved you the most? Or made you feel like this next term is going to be good?" and the people said, "Hope and Change." It was completely obvious that the interviewies had no idea what Obama's political stance was. And that makes me sad. It makes me feel like a lot of people only voted for him because he is black. I don't know. I'm not trying to sound racist. I don't even know if I am. Am I? I apologize if I'm coming off like that. I just wish people voted for Obama because of his strong political standpoints and realized he is going to change America because of those standpoints. Yes the fact that he is black is a big part in making this history. But it's not the only reason. You know? Gah.

I'm rambling. I apologize. Time to go to work.