January 8, 2009

Seven things for DJ

So here is that list of seven things I told DJ I'd fill out. I don't intend on tagging anyone on it mainly because I know no one will do it. But if you want to feel free to do it.

7 things admitted:

1. I feel as if I let people down more often that I probably do in reality.

2. I am not a lazy human being, I just like to be comfortable all the time.

3. I feel bad when a really good song comes on my iPod and I skip it because I really don't feel like listening to it at the moment.

4. If I was taller and a little bit more handsome I would get laid more.

5. Jack Kerouac is the reason I started writing. He is also the reason I want to do nothing but road trip my entire life.

6. I'm not an expert on any one thing. I am what you would call 'well rounded.' I am able to keep up with people who are really good in certain things but I, myself, am not good at any one specific thing and it bugs the hell out of me because I will never be able to accomplish anything because of it. Like writing comprehensible sentences.

7. I like reggae music.

So there you go. I feel like some more random things could be found here. Check it out. Okay, slater.