March 2, 2010

Radioactive Man!

Watch out, Radioactive Man!

There is literary goodness called Radioactive Moat. They just released their second issue. It's glorious. You should read it. I have a piece called 'Thoughts' in it. Other authors include: Adam Moorad, Jordan Castro, Meg Johnson, Howie Good, and others. A great read.

There is a small reading featuring The Broad Set Writing Collective in Washington, NJ. It's at a polish restaurant. Details can be found here. I know its far away from many of you but I urge you to go. The food is AMAZING and the people are extremely nice. We may be recording a video? Who knows.

You know what's weird? This is a blog for someone who calls himself a writer, but never posts any writing. Only literary news.

I'm going to change that.... in the next post. haha


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  1. Nice work, Glen. I liked this one. Looks like you have some great company, too.