April 26, 2009

(Gmail Chat) Interview with DJ Berndt

DJ Berndt has a blog here. He runs Pangur Ban Party (which is soon releasing a print). He has super powers that allow him to melt things with heat vision, as well as, become invisible. Maybe he likes other things, too.

1:30 PM me: What brought you to the world of blogging?
DJ: A friend told me "EEE" and I really liked it. Then I found Tao's blog and it all kind of spilled from there.
1:31 PM me: How did you get into writing?
1:32 PM DJ: I don't even consider myself "into writing". It's more like a casual hobby or something. I've always been interested in poetry, and I think everyone who reads poetry just kind of happens to write a little, too.
me: What do you then consider yourself?
1:33 PM DJ: A guy who kind of likes to read and sometimes writes
1:34 PM me: Do you ever think about your future? What do you want to be - career-wise?
DJ: I already have a career. I work in an office building in the IT department. I try not to think too much about my future because it never looks good.
1:35 PM me: Do you hate it or love it?
DJ: Love it
1:36 PM me: That's good. What influenced you to start Pangur Ban Party?
1:38 PM DJ: bear parade and bearcreekfeed. I thought it was really cool that those sites existed. Then I thought about how I know of some blogs run by people who I think are good writers but probably aren't popular enough to be on bear parade or bearcreekfeed. Then I thought about how I know enough HTML to run a similar site.
1:39 PM me: Do you think about PBP's future? What are your plans for it? How do you see it unfolding?
1:40 PM DJ: I want PBP to be as big as possible. If it were one day as big as bearcreekfeed or bear parade, that would be amazing. I will just keep doing whatever I can to promote it and see where it goes.
1:41 PM me: Excellent. What is your favorite band?
1:42 PM DJ: I don't know. Maybe Radiohead.
1:43 PM me: Good choice. What about your favorite book and/or author?
1:44 PM DJ: Favorite book is Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Favorite author is tough. Sam Pink could very well become my favorite author once he has more out there.
1:46 PM me: Do you ever see yourself around the age of 45, married, with children thinking about how you only have half of your life left to live?
1:47 PM DJ: I can't imagine I'll live to see 45.
me: How do you think you're going to die?
1:48 PM DJ: Doing something stupid while drunk, liver disease or suicide.
me: That made me sad. Let's not think about death. If you were any color in the known world, what color would you be?
1:49 PM DJ: I like dark violet, I think.