February 28, 2010

How To Play The Game

Two quick things:

I reviewed Aaron Burch's chapbook, How To Take Yourself Apart, How To Make Yourself Anew, over at The Broad Set Writing Collective.

I have started a game that I've been calling:

'Glen Binger Mp3 Giveaway For Funnsies'

The rules are simple:

1. email me with any mp3 from YOUR collection.
2. and I will email you a random mp3 from MY collection.

It's all in good fun and just thought it would be cool to share some music with all of you. So get crackin' and send me an email. I will make an acception: if you have no mp3s, I will send you one anyway. FOR FUNNSIES!



Currently listening to: Big D And The Kids Table
Song: Little Bitch
Album: Cover of The Special's Little Bitch