February 25, 2010

These Words Are Machines

Let me fill you in on the latest local literary news.

Alliteration aside, I have just released the latest issue of 50 to 1 called 'These Words Are Machines.' It is fresh and it will energize you. After you check out, be sure to spread the word of the awesome flash fiction goodness.

Kiley Rummler and I had the chance to interview the great Pat Roddy, who is a legend in Belmar, NJ, about his band and his music. He is a local musician, very funny, and an all around good dude. Check it out HERE.

The Broad Set Writing Collective is getting a makeover! Expect a new site (a .com) in the near future. Everyone is working hard, I can't wait to release it to the public.

Read this. It's really good (and short). Thanks, Milo!

I feel like I haven't said much these past few posts. I apologize.

I have an idea: if you send me an email I will send you a randomly selected mp3 from my personal archives. It'll be a fun little game we can play and we'll call it the 'Glen Binger mp3 Giveaway For Funnsies.' Just you and me. Ready? GO!


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