February 22, 2010

Hoboken recap

The reading last Friday went well.

It was a quick one and only people close with The Broad Set showed up. But it was fun.

After looking for parking and finally parking in a garage (for $30?!!?) Kiley Rummler, our friend Ali, and myself showed up about an hour late. Which was fine, because everyone was late. There was an accident coming off of the turnpike.

I got a chance to meet with Eric Nelson, author of The Silk City Series. He is a rad dude and he came out with The Broad Set for drinks afterwords.

I read a piece in Avalanche Tinder 2 called Orange Tears. People seemed to enjoy it and I'm glad.

Thanks to everyone who came out! If you were unable to attend, I hope to see you at our next reading!


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  1. Sounds pretty fun. Hopefully I'll join you guys one of these days.

  2. I hope you will too! Have you seen that we are reading in Philly in May? You should come to that one.