November 15, 2009

You forgot the tides

From the East coast to the West coast, you have already forgotten the tides. Can you feel it? Or has it taken your breath away?

There is a new issue of 50 to 1 out today! Forgetting the Tides features work by: Carter Jefferson, Thomas Scofield, Noel Sloboda, T. Guzman, Evan Schaeffer, Karyn Eisler, and Eric Bennett. It is awesome. I suggest you check it out because good flash fiction is really worth the read.

Heres a recap of The Broad Set reading in Manasquan, NJ - its a broad update. There are lots of tidbits of news, so if you're interested check it out. Avalanche Tinder 2 is now available. Email me for your free copy.

I feel really uninteresting. I'm sorry. I've been super busy (again). Life gets depressing when you're busy all the time. Plus, it's been raining for the past four days. I hate [love] New Jersey.


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