October 8, 2009

One Day We Will Be Dirt

Use the blue Crayon when you color on the inside of my eyelids.
That way the purple and orange pills I swallow at night
will have something to match the putrid color spectrum
on the insides of my stomach lining.
Maybe you can throw in some greens
or yellows.
But don't use red.
Red makes me look ugly.
And I don't want the only thing I see
when I need to escape everything
to be hideous and red.
Or desperate to exist for anyone,
anyone besides me.


Currently listening to: Nothing
Song: Will Ever
Album: Make Me Smile


  1. You do lost so well. And the first line is perfect!

  2. Becca, Thank you! Best compliment I've heard in a while :)

    Rayme, I try. haha