October 12, 2009

Learn to Smile

Nothing will ever make sense. Nothing will ever work out. We will never smile. But we can always try to learn how.

The new issue of 50 to 1 is out today! 'LEARNING TO SMILE' features the work of: Frank Gillougley, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Michael Robison, Stacey Dye, Linda Manning, CS DeWildt, and Barry Basden. Enjoy the new issue, I know I did while putting it together! It is awesome. And please, please spread the word about 50 to 1. Post it in your blog, mention it to a co-worker, maybe scribble it on your lunch table. Anything to get all of this awesome literature noticed.

In other news:

1. I have started a collection of short stories called Only Human: Stories of Individual Weakness. I hope it comes together well. I have two stories complete at the moment and I'm working on three now. I haven't decided how many to include, but I guess I'll figure that out later.

2. Friday night I went to Giants Stadium to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform. I'm not a huge die-hard fan like many of the people there, but he did put on an amazing show. He even played 'Jersey Girl' which is very rarely heard live because someone else wrote it. So that was cool.

3. Saturday night I went to the Starland Ballroom to see AFI perform with opening guest Gallows. I've been an AFI fan forever and to finally see them play live was cool. However, I was kind of disappointed they only played maybe four or five old songs. And by old songs I mean prior to Sing the Sorrow (2003). And on top of that, they didn't open with the crowd chant "Through Our Bleeding, We Are One" like they used to do. I was sad I missed that experience. But on the flip side of things, they did have the lead singer, Lou Koller, of Sick Of It All perform a song with them. That was very cool. Overall, I was ecstatic with the outcome of the show.


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  1. New issue rocks, as usual. Good luck with Only Human. :)

  2. Thanks, Jason. Means a lot!