October 27, 2009

Catfish Soup

Time is precious. I have none.

The reading went well! Thank you to all that came out and had some fun with us! There were some very awesome pieces read. Dolphins, pop-ups, Kanye West, Tattoos of cats and more! Wish you were there. Pictures will be posted soon over at The Broad Set.

I've been busy with a constant stream of work. I apologize for the lack of 50 to 1 issue this week. I will make the next one with extra jam-packed with love.

Someone bought my signed copy of 'drive.' That someone is DJ Berndt. Thank you, DJ. I'm glad someone I know won the auction.

That is all for now. Not enough time in the day...


Currently listening to: Attack Attack!
Song: Catfish Soup
Album: Someday Came Suddenly