October 23, 2009

Boats and Hoes (PROMO POST)


Tonight. October 23rd 2009. Are you in the Philly area? You're in luck!

The Broad Set Writing Collective
is hosting a reading at The Random Tea Room. At 6pm, if attending, you will hear the written words of:

Kiley Rummler, Pete Richter, Andrew Kaspereen, Sam 'Milo' Cicero, Maria Gullo, and myself. (Plus special guests)

Details on Facebook.
Maybe more?
Atlantic Refreshment.

Come listen to some stories, poems, words and then drink with the writers afterwords! Free high fives! Free love! LOVE! FREE MAGAZINES - copies of Avalanche Tinder and Lo-Fidelity issue 4. A GIVEAWAY! LOVE!

[The Broad Set] ... HOT DAMN!
- New York Times

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