June 24, 2009

Transformers. Dreaming of Megan Fox.

Back from my mini-vacation. It was cool. I got to shoot guns. Like rifles, handguns, etc. If I was a gun expert, I would tell you the names of all the ones I shot. But I am not a gun expert. My apologies. I did other stuff, too. Like visit the Mall of America.

Transformers 2 came out last night at midnight. I think I'll go see that this weekend. Maybe.

Facebook keeps bugging me to change my URL username. But I think I'm going to ignore that, because its annoying.

New Pangur Ban Party release - I Am Rainbow by Michael Hessel-Mial. Read it now.

Two things I have to do right now:
  1. Write for the first time in days.
  2. Update 50 to 1.

But to be honest I'll probably only do the first one. My bad.


Currently listening to: Wilco
Song: Heavy Metal Drummer
Album: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


  1. Shooting is fun. I've only done it a few times, but I do own a .38 Special. I'd like to take a picture of it, but I don't have a digital camera. :p

  2. That's a shame Mr. Jordan, I would love to see a picture of you with a gun.

    I've shot guns before and it is one hell of a trip. It's fun finding out that though you may have bad vision you can still hit something. Also, check out lo-fi's new stuff. There's a whole bunch of new stuff.

  3. Guns are heavier and more powerful than I initially thought they'd be. It makes you realize how guns in movies don't always react like they would in real life since they use blanks and don't seem to have near as much recoil.

  4. Shooting is fun. I don't own any guns, but my uncle does. So I shot a bunch of them. Wish I could remember the names.

    And yea the recoil is crazy. I shot this one rifle with a scope on it, it knocked my shoulder back. I was surprised it didn't bruise haha

  5. You know what also has a lot of recoil? Fireworks that shoot out of a tube.