June 15, 2009

3oh!3 + Lo-Fidelity + The Broad Set = Physical Love

It's dark outside and I'm inside writing this post because I obviously have no life.

Anyway, I almost went to see The Hangover again tonight, but decided against it since I'm tight on cash as is. It was worth it, but I just don't have the DOLLA$.

Anyway, there are several things I wanted to mention. First, there is a new book review up over at The Broad Set. It's by me. Gasp! Check it out. It's on Jonathan Baumbach's YOU or the Invention of Memory. I'm not a good reviewer. I never thought I was. But what the hell.

Also, Lo-Fidelity Issue 3 is freshly printed and out now! Go over to the site and request your copy and some stickers today. Then submit some of your work. It'll be fun, I promise.


Currently listening to: 3oh!3
Song: Photofinnish
Album: Want


  1. I like the new Lo-Fidelity. Thanks for the copy!

  2. No problem, DJ! I'm glad you like it. Did we send you any stickers? I know I meant to throw some in there haha