May 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

So I caved and got a Twitter... and now I'm addicted and can't stop updating. Whenever I think of something cool I end up texting it to my profile. But it's okay. I think that using this will help me promote myself and The Definition. I feel semi-good to good about my decision.

As mentioned, Lauren Cerand came to Rider last Thursday and she was absolutely hands-down one of the coolest people I've ever met. She gave me some valuable info on how to get my name out there. But one of the cooler things to happen - my friend Pete Richter (known for creating The Broad Set Writing Collective) introduced her to the idea and she has been checking out our blog. After reading through it a bit, she wrote about it on her blog and was highly impressed by Kiley Rummler's bio. So much so that she used her photo, too. Very cool.

The Broad Set has been gaining success from the beginning and I believe it will only help to improve our writing. Thank you, Pete.

I hope to soon resume working on 50-to-1 and Lo-Fidelity. Apologies for pausing them.

Email me if you want to read the manuscript.


  1. i do :] but i lost your e-mail...

  2. I think I have yours, so I'll definitely send you a copy. Thanks for expressing the interest!