April 29, 2009

Excited yet sad

The One Minute Writer gave me an award for The Writer of the Day (on April 27) for my 'entry' to the prompt here. Thank you! A fun site, indeed.

Current stats on The Definition:

Word Count: 18, 044
Pages (single spaced): 34
Pages (double spaced): 69
Lines: 1, 548
Paragraphs: 782
Chapters: 8
# of times used word 'laugh': 71

Only one more chapter to write. I am excited for the outcome of this book. It is looking good.

In closure I will include a photo of the playoff beard I have been growing for the Devils' playoff presence, of which they lost last night in Game 7 against the Hurricanes. Sadness Ensues. It didn't even have a chance to grow in thick.