February 9, 2009

The Definition Of Procrastination

Tao didn't comment. I guess I am the asshole. Haha

I've been working on my novella non-stop. I came up with a working title so I can stop calling it 'my novella.' I think novella is a very unmanly sounding word. I don't like it. Anyway, the working title is 'The Definition of Kevin Gallagher' but that may change soon. Depending on what I feel like messing with in the story. Also if you want to prep yourself for the unveiling of it, read this. I know I've linked it before but shh its okay - its almost like a prequel to the novella.

Sam has been working hard at his student teaching so he hasn't been able to post as many stories as he'd like. But read back through some of the others. They are pretty sick. Plus there are probably a billion of his photos posted which are really fun to look at.

Also I wanted to link two people who I think are really underrated. They're work is very good and you should check out what they've been doing.
1. Dancer
2. DJ Berndt


  1. Thanks for the link, man.

    Maybe my blog will get 'mad hits'.

  2. DJ - I hope it gets mad hits. You deserve it. I want mad hits too. We should post our blogs somewhere really really popular.

  3. vielen dank

    to be perfectly honest, i'm not too fond of your title choice for your novella. i hope it changes :P

    and i'm really curious as to what it's about. although you mention it all the time, i still don't know that much about it!

  4. Dancer - I'm sorry you don't like my title. Like I said it's a working title so I can stop calling it 'my novella' which sounds not cool. haha. But basically if you want to know what it's about shoot me an email and I'll send you a blurb or summary or something.