October 7, 2014

Dimensional Evolution

Here is something I wrote after being inspired by a conversation with my current 6th graders. It's called "Dimensional Evolution."

The sun rises sideways and clogs thought pores. Some feathery clouds expel acrossed its face like a bedsheet stained by blueberries. I am foggy and dripping with positive vibrations that rattle my teeth with a smile. Electricity runs through to my fingertips. Sounds pasted with sand fade out over the shorebreak into the ocean and die somewhere over the Atlantic. All of time and existence have led to this moment. It is a product of the everything and the nothing. It is one of many final answers. And here is me. I am an dimensional solution to an evolutionary problem. Any productivity I might have is micromanaged by subconsciousness. Focus is driven by a greater plane existence. There’s probably a 3-D model of it somewhere. Not that I need it at the moment. I am horizontal, though I’ve always desired to be vertical. There are teenagers in my classes that can hold intellectual conversation better than some adults I know. They will certainly stand vertically one day.

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