August 30, 2014

In the Sky

In the sky man made measurement of time does not exist. The only reminder you have is how your body reacts to altitude shifts. You adopt a metaphysical transformation. Things change and you notice. Turbulence jitters up your white knuckles and the burnt coffee rattles in its cage. In these small increments of nothing something happens; electricity surges between human particles and the mind grows anxious in a concentrated confinement. Voices will drown in the stale, recycled air. There is no time - that is, in the sense of any purposeful scratch in numerical existence. Your neighbors are but friendly strangers who may or may not complication your own intentions. The world below you moves forward with a passing glance at the lights signaling your position in space. Eternal droning, eclectic, essential and everlasting. Do not look down. Chew some gum so your ears don't pop. Remind yourself where the exit is and realize the illusion of safety that has brought you here. Push the attendant button. Ask for more coffee. Bask in the metal tube hurling through space.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.  We're going to go ahead and begin our descent. The fasten your seatbelts sign is now on. We hope you've enjoyed the flight. Prepare for landing.

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