August 5, 2014

At the Beach in NJ, August 2014

Light blue plasmic orbs encrusted into the backside of my eyelids. Some waves wash off two hot pink bikinis and the lifeguards catch a glimpse, high-five, and turn the radio down. An hourglass dumps sand on my stomach, into my hair. The ice melted and my cocktail is lite. The energy orbs orbit my skull and illuminate purple when someone interesting struts by. Burroughs' pages get sunburnt and the spine is damp with ocean water; proven attempt to focus. Unsuccessful. Teenagers attempt throwing a frisbee at each other without decreasing level of swag. Inevitable. A shitty parent looks the other way while her six year old throws sand at an elderly couple. Orbs rattle in centrifugal force beneath my skin as I coat it with sunscreen. A foreign family arrives, decides to sit within my personal space radius, sets up a camping tent, starts yelling at each other, then pointing at me. I smile. They growl. I move my chair because etiquette and courtesy are lost arts. Direct sunlight drips down my nose and onto my knees. Orbs sprout from beneath my organic toe nails, buried in sand and energetic wind patterns. A grown-ass man attempts to shoot his garbage like a basketball and misses. He does not make the effort to rebound and mother nature adds him to her little black book. A skinny, middle aged woman covered in tattoos walks over to the blue barrel, throws out her trash, and picks up the rebound. Nearby, a high schooler is reading - hopefully rereading - The Giver. Lowry dances in the clouds and shifts into a turtle. Then into a dog. Heat waves wriggle from the boardwalk surface and split between frisbee teenagers. Plasmic orbs gravitate to and tug at my eyelids. I am ignorant. I am the sand, the ocean, and the human experience. The universe is askew.

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