May 3, 2014

A Call to Reprogram Education

I've become increasingly concerned with the future of American intellectualism. Between the constant plowing of dumbed-down corporate advertising and implementation of the Common Core educational standards, there lies little hope for those who are still developing said intellectual processes. Our society and culture needs to see this illuminated. We need to step back and look at the direction we, as a country, as a global humanity, are headed. Stop consuming what the media feeds you. Form your own opinions. Money is not everything.

I urge you to take control of your learning. Realize that learning is not restricted to the classroom. It does not stop after you finish school. Knowledge is gained in every aspect of your life. Question everything and find the answer. Look for counterarguments and rebuttal with confidence. The Internet is your database. Reflect on every solution; there could be a better one.

Most importantly, realize that everything you've ever learned has the potential to be false. You never truly know something until you prove it to yourself.

To all my students who recently found this blog: you are in control of your learning. Do not let these ridiculous state-mandated tests tell you what you should and should not know. If something interests you, read about it. Then read some more about it. Read everything you can on the topic and keep going until you find an additional interest. Life is what you make it. I wish I could help you understand these things in my classroom, but the educational government does not allow time for it (for a reason - they fear a common awareness).

Apply yourself and be confident. You know more than you think you do.

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