November 20, 2011

Open Submissions 50-to-1

Hello all! My blog presence has been slim to none. I hope you're okay with that, I truly do. You know how life can be sometimes.

Anywho, I promised my good pal, Paul Mullin, that I'd spread the word:

50 to 1 is still alive and thriving thanks to Mr. Mullin. As the former editor in chief, I told him I would spread word of his call for submissions. So, kind folk, take this as your sign. When's the last time you wrote something you felt rocked? Flash fiction takes only a few moments and it is incredible to see how much can be said in so few words (fifty to be exact). At 50 to 1, everything rocks if you put some heart into it. You'll never know what you might find you're capable of.

Thank you in advance. And keep on spreadin' the word that 50 words is down for 1 line and then some. (See what I did there?) Open to new and established writers, very few guidelines, lots of love.

1 comment:

  1. Everything " rocks" and pedophiles oh so " capable".
    BILYARD to STILYARD, they're only " human" after all.
    So, so what if they have a " scrape " here and there.
    They're with mob and the Queen , so " fuck ya" is their attitude...and you better " belief" it.
    They will.
    So when those submissions came flying through the door, how were they to know they were onto Snow- Penny?
    It wasn't obvious , even with OBBESSE and DEDOONV.
    But then, they heard about Crow.
    And then they heard about Mick and Sting, and it got to be
    You can blame it all on the seasons and SOMATIDS .
    But one thing's for sure.
    Rambo should have retired centuries ago.
    And Ladd agrees.
    OB -LA - DI -OB- LA- DA.... there goes young out the door.
    And Carter is right behind him.