October 4, 2010

Universe B

There is a thin line between living and existing. But maybe, in another universe, they are one in the same. I can't wait to visit there. I shall call it Universe B and we are Universe A. And, maybe, in B we live and exist and love and die all in one idea. It isn't separated by careers, schools, or money. Everything is equal to everything and nothing matters more than the molecule next to it. And maybe, there, everyone is happy. Depression is a foreign word. Because everyone only knows love. Love, love, love. The word love can cause sadness, but it quickly disappears into the atmosphere and oozes into space - to be discovered by Universe A-ians. And we take that sadness and call it religion. And believe in it. Even the agnostics. At least, until they reach a point in their lives where they question belief and faith. Thus, pushing them to search for something else; like an alternate universe.

I want to visit B. I hear it's nice this time of year.


Currently listening to: OAR
Song: Crazy Game of Poker
Album: 34th and 8th