May 7, 2010

New Issue of Broad Set Quarterly!

In case you missed the reading,

The Broad Set Writing Collective released the latest issue (4) of The Broad Set Quarterly. Formerly known as Avalanche Tinder.

It is free - all you have to do is email Pete at broadsetwritingcollective[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Here is a picture of the May 2010 Wooden Shoe Edition:

I apologize for the awful quality of the photo. (I took it with my cell phone) I will fix that soon.

  • Feature authors include: MOLLY GAUDRY and ERIC NELSON.
  • Broad Set authors include: Chris Hubbard, Peter Richter, Andrew Kaspereen, Paul Mullin, Brian Long, Sam Cicero, and Glen Binger.

What are you waiting for? The safe word?



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