February 10, 2010


The Weather Channel told me the Jersey Shore was supposed to get 12+ inches of snow.

... it's raining. Didn't I say I was going to stop listening to meteorologists?

In other news:

Stay tuned to The Broad Set for my reviews on Eric Nelson's The Silk City Series - due out on Knickerbocker Circus this month - and Aaron Burch's How To Take Yourself Apart How To Make Yourself Anew - PANK's latest chapbook.

Are you excited?

If you haven't read "Spiders on the Wall" yet, you should because I need some feedback on it. And I want your opinion. :)

See Pete's tumblr for news on upcoming readings in the NJ/Philly area.

Artfice Magazine has released their debut issue! It's a doosie... check that out please?


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