December 13, 2009

50 to 1 - Broad Set Review - Bam Margera

This was a very productive weekend. I'm still a freshman in life, though.

Kiley Rummler is writing a book called A Freshman in Life. I stole the term. Sh, don't tell anyone.

Several things were accomplished from my to-do-list this weekend. They are as follows:
  1. Put out new issue of 50 to 1 - White Rain - contributors include: Jeannette Angell, Sam Cicero, Patricia La Barbera, Celestine Stoltenberg, Harriett Fjaagesund, Judith Kelly Quaempts, and Christian Berntsen. Completely awesome.
  2. Finish the new story I was working on for Only Human. I'll probably read it at the reading on January 29th. It's about Bam Margera.
  3. Finally wrote the review for Jordan Castro/Richard Wehrenberg Jr.'s Think Tank for Human Beings in General. Check it out over at The Broad Set!
There's more but I don't feel like listing them. For now, check those out and let me know what you think.


Currently listening to: Slightly Stoopid
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  1. Nice work, Glen.

    Looking forward to some Only Human excerpts.

  2. Thanks, DJ. I'll probably need some advice on promotion. It's going to be big so if you have any ideas, let me know.