September 15, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

Why do I have such trouble choosing something to read for Friday?

So two things to say quickly: 1. If you haven't checked out 50 to 1's latest issue, HEAD UNDER WATER, I suggest you do so now. Its quick and definitely worth the time. 2. The Broad Set WC reads this Friday in Philly at BrickBat Books. Be there, we're giving away free magazines! And free beer!

I don't know what to read, but I'll think of something. At least I hope.

Lastly I want to leave you with this story by Kiley Rummler. Its strong, influential, and flat out inspiring. Leave some feedback for her!


Untitled by Kiley Rummler

The sky is that perfect brilliant blue. The kind of blue you imagine oceans surrounding far off islands look like. Clear. Pristine. The sun is an electric burst high up in the sky. Blinding almost. Almost. You're lying down on your favorite towel. As wide as Texas and covered in a green and blue pattern that doesn't make sense unless you concentrate on it. But, you’re eyes closed and you are smiling. In the distance you can hear little kids shrieking while playing tag with the waves. Not the mean kind of waves, but the kind that roll lazily – as if the heat affects them too. For a moment you see it – like visions of gravity – and relax. You aren’t floating or flying. You’re just being. In this instant you know everything – everything – is where it’s supposed to be. The real world of finals, jobs, student loans, falls away. No, not fall, but crumble. Bit by bit, like a soggy cookie that disintegrates in milk. This is the kind of moment that people who take drugs try to achieve. You see it. You feel it. And absolutely everything is okay. And everything matters.


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  1. Kiley, that made my eyes moist. I want to keep re-reading it for fear that it will leave me. I sort of want to put it up on a wall.