July 21, 2009

Fell from the sky

It's been a while. Aloha.

I'm old now. Twenty two.

It was a busy weekend. Friday I celebrated my birthday with lots of friends and family. Then Saturday was Kiley Rummler's graduation party. Then Sunday I spent the entire day at the beach. Excellent weekend, just tiring.

Anyway, The Broad Set has some news. There is an interview with Brandon Scott Gorrell by myself and Pete Richter. He is an interesting character. Check that out. Also, The Broad Set has a reading scheduled. August 1st, 7pm - Belmar, NJ @ Starry Night Cafe. Some info here.

Anyone know why my Twitter keeps getting requests to follow by wannabe porn stars?

Lo-Fidelity has new stories up featuring work by: Christian Ward, Kevin Brown, and T.R. Healy.

I shall update 50 to 1 either today or tomorrow. I know the anxiety is killing you.

I received my copy of Pangur Ban Party print Doubts I Love. It's awesome. Good work everyone featured! Request your copy.

I'm writing a story about how much John S. Corzine sucks dick. We'll see where it goes.

I also started reading Joe Meno's How The Hula Girl Sings. Very good so far.


Currently listening to: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Song: It Came Out Of The Sky
Album: Willy and The Poor Boys

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