June 4, 2009

Look What I Did (and a new story!)

Wordle: the scavenger

I made this Wordle with one of the stories I've been working on for the Opium bookmark contest. Wordle is a fun site. Especially when you're in a writer's block. Anyway, had to share that.

I have a new story up over at For Every Year. Check out the direct link. It's called 'Male Postpartum Depression.' You may or may not like it. It can be offensive, but maybe not. What do I know. Anyway, check it out. Its short.

50 to 1 is back. Check that out. Spread the word.

The same goes for Lo-Fidelity.

Molly Gaudry's forthcoming novella We Take Me Apart (mudluscious press 2009) has an excerpt. Check it out.

Pangur Ban Party
has a new release. Dick by Nathan Logan. It is a good read.

That's all for now.


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  1. This is good. Good job, Glen.

    Thanks for the plug.