December 10, 2008

Today I will Blog a post about nothing.

Look for the announcement.

I met Big Black. He was really chill and totally down to earth. I asked him if he hated 'doin work' all the time. He said "Its not all work. I mean I'm gettin paid 15 g's to sit here and take pictures with you guys." Then we talked about how much it must suck to be constantly bantered with "do work!" everytime someone see's him in public. I dunno. It was cool. Anyway, the reason I met him is because he came to my school to host some big event. Yeah.

So the project is started, I'm roughly at around 1000 words. It's gonna be good. I hope I can make money from it. That would be cool. Maybe I'll go on a reading tour of local NJ bookshops. Rad.

Okay, I need some coffee. I woke up maybe five hours ago and did not have any. Mistakkeeee.

Also, submit something to 50 to 1. It'd be cool!
Plus, we have yet to get any submissions haha.

I wasted the entire day making a beat I plan to lay some rhymes on. Expect it on myspace.


  1. I'm glad that your project is going well.

    I submitted a 50 word story to your site.

  2. Thanks, DJ. I am working on an ebook story to do with you, by the way.