December 1, 2008

3oh3 and 4th Hint for Big Announcement

Hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was pleasant. I ate two different dinners at two different houses. It was glorious. I gained massive pounds.

So Mr. Kaspereen got published on 6S. I am happy for him. Check it out.

Also, listen to 3Oh!3. They could be described as "godly, insanity in your headphones." I've had their album Want for some time now and I can't stop listening to it.

And I suppose you are all wondering when Glen will announce the 4th hint... I guess now is a good time. [Here is a link to the last one.]

*4th HINT* Long, extensive projects usually have excessive awaited outcomes but they always have lots of planning. *4th HINT*

Again, continue to spread the word. Be sure to tell me you're telling people because you will be compensated.


  1. if your announcement is that you're going to poop or something, i'm going to stop reading your blog.

  2. If your announcement is that you're going to poop or something, I'll read your blog more.

  3. omg I love them!!! starstrukk, one of my favourite songs ever. you have no idea how excited I was when I saw that picture on my blogfeed. I was like, "who's blog is that!!!?" haha

  4. Anon - I'm sad to hear that. I would hope you keep reading my blog no matter what the outcome.

    DJ - It could be... some poops are long extensive projects.

    Dancer(Emily) - I'm glad we can agree then. My favorite song is between "Punk Bitch" "Don't Trust Me" or "Holler Til You Pass Out." But then again that entire album is awesome. I've been trying to find their first one but I can't find it anywhere.

  5. This band is pretty great, I would have to say so myself.