October 28, 2008

Quick 10 Minute Story... No Revisions...

-Begin radio transmission-

You are not the words you write here. You are not the false image you see in the mirror. You are not the guiding light at the end of the tunnel and you are most definitely not the timeline of life behind your footprints. You are not the cold coffee in the dirty mug that sits before you nor are you the crusty frozen french fries you will eventually eat for breakfast. You are not the grades you see on your college transcript. You are not the image your parents think of you. You are not young. You are not happy. You are not eager. You are not the smell of distinct body odor hanging in presence beneath your bed. You are not laughing. You are not smiling. You are not the pride you hold from the number of members of the opposite sex of whom touched your genitalia. You are not you. You are not anything.

You are...

-End radio transmission-

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