October 29, 2009

Reasons I Changed My Blog Title (and heading)

Reasons I changed my blog title (and heading):

  1. 'The Only Blog Ever.' sounded pretentious and arrogant and I am anything but.
  2. It is all part of a total blog make-over. Get excited.
  3. 'Only Human' is the title of the book I am working on.
  4. I am only human.
  5. My name plastered everywhere seemed pretentious. Again, I am probably the complete opposite.
  6. Life is a revolution.
  7. Blogs are dumb.
  8. I'm wearing sweatpants and moccasins right now.
  9. Because I wanted to and I still think it looks stupid but whatever; I'm too lazy to mess with it anymore.
  10. If you have any thoughts on the matter please comment.


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