TLDR: I write because I have to. It's how I learn and understand the universe, whatever connotation that word brings. I'm only human so there aren't any persistent topics. I mean, at least intentional ones. I'm sure you'll find threads though. People are good at creating stories.


ONLY HUMAN started as a personal blog in 2007 as a place for Glen to practice his writing. It stemmed from a title piece for his book, Only Human: Stories of Weakness. Back then, the term "blogger" was closely associated with the act of keeping a diary, so he was usually hesitant to admit having one. (Remember LiveJournal?) Since then, however, blogging has evolved into something more reader-driven. There are overwhelming elements of clickability, data-driven value, and "author brand." Analytics lead to publishing deals. Followers make numbers. Ads produce money. Promote, promote, promote. 

This is not ONLY HUMAN.

ONLY HUMAN is writing, reading, and self-improvement. It's a litblog. A webzine. A place where Glen tries to make sense of the universe. 

He wants you to see language as a craft like that of woodworking or painting; an assimilation of the human condition. ONLY HUMAN aims to remind readers of that; writing comes from the heart and resonates somewhere between the crevices of home - regardless of genre or style. 

Glen Binger is a writer, teacher, and coach from by-the-beach in New Jersey. He is the author of eNJoy: STORIES BY THE SEA (2017), ONLY HUMAN: STORIES OF WEAKNESS (2015), FIGMENT (2014), and THE DEFINITION OF ME (2012). He's worked as a content producer for TEDxAsburyPark and an editor of Betterism. He was born in space with a preference for fiction, but dabbles in all genres. Currently, he teaches kids how to English betterer. One day, he might have a picture for his bio. One day.



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