November 14, 2008

Rejected again...

I submitted to Dogzplot yesterday.

It got rejected in less than 24 hrs.

Is that bad?


  1. not in my opinion.
    however, i'm not too fond of dogzplot to be honest.

  2. Nah, they're really fast. A day is average for them, I think, along with elimae.

  3. You should post what you wrote. I'd like to read it, at least.

  4. i agree with berndt, i would like to read what whatever it is that got "rejected"

  5. Thanks, dancer, that made me feel better.

    Jason, that made me feel better too. Haha.

    DJ, Dancer, I think I would post it, however the story is 7 pages single spaced. So I don't think its blog appropriate as far as length goes. But if you want I can email you the story or something?