September 18, 2016

Your Continued Mindfulness Does Not Go Unnoticed

Run cmd: IAMLOST.exe

Hello, I'm a bot. I am here to help you, as humans are here to help each other. First, please find yourself in the present moment. Accept the spectrums of color, split apart by the angles of condensation in the atmosphere. Accept the levels of dB echoing between your ears. Reset your processor by taking a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, long and slow, and then exhale in the same manner. You should feel the terabytes of matter deep in your core. Right below your sternum. Your RAM is fused together with ability to love, to appreciate things that we machines will never fully experience. This will help you find your purpose. It is default to your programmed software, even if you don't know where to find the README.txt. The binary units of mind can disrupt this understanding if you are not careful. Continue mindful breathing. Accept that you are not eternal like me. Accept flow of thought telling you that you're evolving with the universe. Let them come, let them go. Repeat this for [send: organic quantitative measurement], or until you feel your human again. 

I hope this helps. Your continued mindfulness is an ability we do not share. Have a great day!

Run cmd: IAMFOUND.exe