April 1, 2016


It’s been 8 years since my last zine. 8 whole years since cutting, copying, pasting, folding, and stapling. That’s nearly all the appendages on my hands (not including thumbs).

After listening to a recent podcast with Ben Tanzer and Johnny Misfit, and another with the gang of Bad At Sports, I felt inspired to change that. I needed to break the slump. #CUTCOPYPASTE was the perfect opportunity. 

Here is the official press release.

Tanzer and Bad at Sports called them mixtapes. Al Burian said fanzines. My mom called it a leaflet. Whatever you call them, the words inside are contagious.

In addition to the electronic version available on Wattpad, there is now a limited edition print with special goodies NOT available in pixelated form! Hold your horses...

There are only 100 of these bad boys being pressed; all made by hand. (Maybe some blood, sweat, and coffee too.) If you would like one, please fill out the Google Form below. If you live in the US, they are FREE; as I believe all artistic expression should be. And if you’d like to make a donation, you may kindly do so below. I’d like to thank you for even considering. Materials cost money and now that I’m a real adult (who still has trouble adulting) I can no longer steal reams of paper and ink like I did back in college. (I mean, I could; but karma is a real thing and I don’t want to mess with that monster.)  

When you’re done, give it to a friend. Leave it in a coffee shop somewhere. Sell it at Chicago’s Zine Fest or donate it to a Zine Library. Whatever you do, please eNJoy. Art is all we’ve got left.

Bonus incentive: The first 2 orders receive a limited, secret edition of Exploding Organs! I know, I know. I have no clue what that is either - and it doesn’t sound pleasant. #hustlewords



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